Coast to Copper 2024
March 14-17th

Anniversary Celebration

Porsche 911 1964-2024
Ferrari 250 GTO 1962/64

An absolutely smashing group of people and cars – we felt so welcome from the very first moment.
Chris T
Truly a fantastic group of cars! So diverse, with such quality. And wonderful people, as well
Rich E
The road from Copperopolis to the Copper Valley Country Club was made for sports car drivers.
Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for putting on a great 2022 Coast to Copper Blossom Trail Run tour
Kevin E
Thank you and your entire C2C team for the wonderful extended weekend. It was great fun, flawless in execution…The Club at Copper Valley…Fabulous!
Dane C
Thank you again for the wonderful weekend and rally
Virginia B
Thank you for organizing such a great weekend.  Cathy and I had a great time!
Judd H
This Copperopolis event has just been fabulous and well organized, everything has been top-notch. The people have been great and welcoming.  The roads have been awesome to drive.
Michele D
Thanks for a wonderful rally.  A fabulous planned and organized event.
Heather G